Standard Speedy Moisture Tester

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Standard Speedy Moisture Tester

BS : 812 / ASTM : D4944 / AASHTO : T217

Product Description

Standard Speedy Moisture Tester

BS : 812 / ASTM : D4944 / AASHTO : T217

Designed for the most demanding on-site conditions the new waterproof and durable case  offers high levels of protection. The Speedy Moisture tester comprises electronic balance beaker, 2 steel balls, cleaning brush and Calcium carbide.

The Test:

Used to weigh a sample before placing it in the Speedy Moisture Tester content of the sample is read directly from the calibrated pressure gauge  The determination of moisture content of soils, sand and fine aggregates.

The procedure involves the reaction between water and calcium carbide which when mixed together give off a gas.

The amount of gas is directly proportional to the amount of water presentin the sample and results in percentage are taken from a pressure gauge.


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